Alberta has a consent-to-donate organ and tissue registry

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Urgent Need For Organ

And Tissue Donations

While once a leader in organ and tissue donation, Alberta now ranks last in Canada. For hundreds waiting for their gift of life, time is of the essence.

The mission of the Alberta Donates LIFE Coalition is to support organ and tissue donation and awareness by advocating for the Government of Alberta to create an Organ and Tissue Donation Agency.

Consent-to-donate registry:

- On April 22, 2014 the government of Alberta launched the Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry.

- Currently over 800,000 organ and tissue donors have registered.

Please talk to your family. 

Sign up now at:

Thank our elected leaders for their support of the new registry. Albertans across the province will be better served by a Provincial agency that cooridnates all aspects of organ and tissue donation.

Become a donor - register online, sign the back of your Alberta heathcare card and let your family know of your wishes.

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